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Since 1992 Paks'D Company has been the authorized dealer of hydraulic and pneumatic components manufactured by PARKER - HANNIFIN Corporation. In order to satisfy needs of the clients, Paks'D company offers a full range of services comprising not only supplies of elements manufactured by PARKER - HANNIFIN corporation, but also the assembly and start-up of delivered hydraulic and pneumatic installations, as well as the guarantee and after-guarantee maintenance services. Our professional qualifications and long experience provide for top quality of the services offered.

For pipes: :

Ermeto Original System - sealing with a use of clamping ring, and the new version of Ermeto Original 2 system - sealing with a use of clamping ring and rubber gasket, tab terminals, non-return valves, cut-off valves, rotary terminals, flange terminals, holders for pipes and for preliminary assembly of clamping rings System Triple-Lock (flared tubes). System O-Lock - sealing on the front panel with a use of O-Ring gasket.
For rubber hoses:

Clamp connectors of Parkrimp system with full range of threads and hose diameters. Also the hoses and machines for production of hydraulic tubing. Twisted connectors for 1- and 2-braid hoses pursuant to the standard DIN 200022 For plastic hoses. Clamp connectors of Polyflex system, diameters in range from 2 to 25mm and pressures from 50 to 2800 bars.

We can furnish your hydraulic installations with such components as:
- multi-piston pumps (of constant and variable capacity),
- sliding-vane pumps (of constant and variable capacity),
- gear pumps,
- metric and inch servo-motors,
- distribution valves,
- layer valves,
- pressure and flow control valves, check valves,
- charge and proportional valves,
- block systems,
- accumulators,
- filters (low, medium and high pressure),
- oil purity test device and oil regeneration machines,
- sealing of cylinders made of various rubbers and polyurethane of Shore hardness umbers  70 - 90.
Moreover, we design and deliver complete hydraulic stations and we also modernize hydraulic cartridges and industrial installation devices.
High pressure Hydraulic Station for laboratory in the Chief Mining Institute
Small hydraulic station
Team of our experienced specialists offer their expertise to the clients in the field of product selection and hardware modernization

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